Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Grand Theft Mario

I know Nintendo rely on milking their characters but this is getting ridiculous!

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Ramble On...

Anyone else notice that the middle 8 in the new Killers song 'When You Were Young' sounds like Meatloaf?
24 Hour party people is alot better then I remember.
Star Wars Lego 2 (Xbox360) is almost as fun as the original.
I don't know why The Hudsucker Proxy did so badly on release, it felt like a weird sister of the slightly superior brazil.
I think hostel was meant to be funny.
Hear the title track from the upcoming Tenacious D film 'Pick of Destiny' here (Cheers Flic).
George A. Romero is making another zombie film, 'Diary of the Dead'.
'The good girl' is the only good film the Jennifer Aniston has ever been in - discuss.
And I'm done.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

'This is a Unix system. I know this.'

The only plus point of enduring the self righteous `I'm such a good person for watching this` over long pap that was constant gardener was that it had some spectacularly bizzarre use of computers. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love weird and wonderfull computers in films, but only when the film isn't trying to convey the 'real world'. Basically, if it's made between 1990 and 2000 and uses the term 'cyber punk', your on to a winner (see hackers and the great scene in Jurrasic Park, dissected here).

Along with the normal zooming in on the low res image to show the face of a man who was previously the size of a pin head, the real messed up thing in this film was the attempt to disguise XP as Mac OS.

For some reason they've changed windows explorer to use Mac OS folder icons, and then amazingly engineered some software to use the brushed metal effect and Mac OS style icons. Why not just use a mac? Earlier on in the film they were using a powerbook and iChat - so why goto all this effort?

Maybe i'm getting overly upset. The thing that really made me laugh was that the technical ineptitude even extends to the naming of the DVD ...


Bit of a change

As you may of noticed, I've had a bit of a change around. I was bored of the old site, and as nice (and hand written / CSS compliant etc.) as it was, I really couldn't be arsed to completly write a new one. So, thanks to blogger for the template (which i've slightly amended) and blogging bits.

I'm going to start using this as a vent for my moans, mainly so Jen doesn't have to endure them (as much). If any of it gets read, great! but it's mainly an exercise to see if i can actually write something new every other day/week. Feel free to leave comments and give me abuse!